Beautiful Backyard Holidays – Outdoor Design by Eckersley Garden Architecture


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This beautiful outdoor space design ideas – Backyard Holidays is designed by Australia-based Eckersley Garden Architecture who has indeed gone the green way in its sustainable garden design. Make the most out of your backyard space, and make the outdoors useful for guests, dining, relaxing, playing and lots of other uses.


Backyard Holidays Swimming Pool

This rear garden is a secluded, north facing private space, ideal for catching winter sun in the adjacent artist’s studio and for dipping into the pool in the summer heat. French doors open out from the rear of the house onto a solid stone terrace, linking inside and out. Generous stairs then lead down to the main entertainment area of the garden comprising of pergolas, a swimming pool and a design studio.

The central pergola is veiled with a deciduous vine of Boston Ivy under which a timber and stainless steel furniture setting is placed. This space is suitable for outdoor entertaining in winter sun or summer shade, as well as the nice days and nights in between.

The soft landscape has seasonal longevity. Masses of scented white blooms profuse in spring, verdant foliage holds through summer, shifting to brilliant reds and oranges in the autumn, then as winter settles in, the bare lacework of branches make their own architectural statement. – from Eckersley Garden Architecture

Visit Eckersley Garden Architecture website for more detail about their beautiful outdoor space design ideas.

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