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Finished early 2008, this private house – Villa M2 is designed by Lindvall A&D. The house with minimalist design style is located in South of Malmo, Sweden. The building site borders a water filled lime quarry that offers dramatic views over what has become a lake. To maximize views of the lake and incorporate the natural surroundings, the lake-facing section offers expansive windows.

The part of the Villa M2 facing the lake is more open, through the generous windows the inside of the house integrates with the surroundings.

Modern lake front Villa M2

Villa M2 swimming pool

Villa M2 interior design

Most of the interior fittings and furniture are special designed for the house in question.

“Less is more”, achieved by the simplistic volume of the residence and the projection of the upper level hosting the master bedroom.

Villa M2 Bathroom

About Jonas Lindvall

Lindvall was educated as an interior architect in Gothenburg, Sweden, studied furniture design both at Royal College of Arts in London and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After finishing his studies he returned to his hometown Malmö were he started his own office. His commissions have been many and diverse. As an architect Lindvall has made everything from private houses, apartments to shop- , restaurant- and hotel interiors.

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