Modern living room interior designs from Zalf


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Modern living room interior designs from Zalf. I’m sure you’ll get inspiration from these interior design ideas for your living room.


The spacious feeling of the designs comes from the creative combination of wall supported storage units, wall panels fitted with shelves and supports. Thanks to their versatility, units can be mixed and matched at will.

Monopoli elements and Link System bookcase above base support, matched with Modus boiserie all in grey aok. Anthracite glass doors with frame and handle in brown finishing.


Grey oak Link System bookcase placed on a base support and borderd with white glass doors with o chimico frame and handle. Ego armchair by Desiree.

Monopoli elements with white glass doors, o chimico finishing frame and handles; white Modus boiserie on grey oak supporting base.


Elegant living room design with Link System solutions in light oak, anthracite glass doors with aluminium frame.

Modus boiserie with containing elements, above base support and edged with heigh thickness sides. All in light oak, anthtacite glass doors with frame and handles in o chimico. Medison armchair by Desiree.

Monopoli wall units matched with wall back panels above support. All in natural cherry and glass doors in beige with frame and handles in o chimico. Eli chaise longue by Desiree.

Wall units and Monopoli bases: white carcase, red glass doors with aluminium frame. Open wall units Alu 32 in aluminium.

Modus wall unit on base support, including shelves linked on hanging Monopoli elements. All in light oak, white glass doors with frame and handles o chimico finishing.


Original solution with “L” shape for this living space built up with white Modus Boiserie on basement, completed from wall-units and desk, everything in hemp color. Lighting built in the bottom of the unit with touch led lamp.

Elegant system Modus in hemp color with wall-units and base in refined grey oak. Practical opening of doors and drawers with push-pull opening. Refined lighting under the shelf.

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