Dining Room Table Design Ideas from Bulthaup


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Sitting, eating, enjoying together and talking to each other. That’s what makes the kitchen and dining room the heart of the home, and the focus of communication. Today we decide to show you some dining room table design ideas from Bulthaup.

In terms of their shape, bulthaup tables and seating are pared down to the minimum and have perfect ergonomic proportions. The craftsman-perfect finish of natural and high-quality materials combines purist style with sensuality. Whether c2 or c3 – the product lines in bulthaup’s communication series will satisfy every wish and requirement. – from Bulthaup

The bulthaup c2 table looks like a sculpture. The innovative industrial finish ensures the seamless transition between the surface and the edge and gives it the appearance of having been made from a single mold. Thanks to its neutral shape and through-dyed laminate design, it can be easily combined with other items of furniture.

The c2 table is available in white, silver-gray, kaolin, greige, graphite and clay. Thanks to its lightweight character, all its formats (260 x 108, 220 x 108 and 200 x 78 cm) harmonize beautifully. Another benefit is the fact that the flat cross-piece and outwards-positioned legs create maximum space for legs and chairs.

Thin material thicknesses and accentuation of horizontals are characteristic of c3 and highlight its lightweight appearance. The fine-quality bench, which appears almost to float, was designed to harmonize with the bulthaup b3 kitchen. It can be suspended easily in the supporting frame of the multi-functional wall and is thereby freed from the floor.

The beautifully-proportioned, floor-standing bench is ideal for free-standing dining areas. Both solutions can be enhanced with the c3 table which, with a material thickness of 16 millimeters, is coordinated with the worktop of the bulthaup b3 kitchen system.

It’s not just kitchens that can be fitted with the new floating or floor-standing c3 bench either. Living rooms, foyers and many other areas can enjoy this luxury too.

Anyone who has had the fortune of sitting on a Wegner chair will understand why bulthaup has included this model in its range. This chair, created by the Danish designer in the 1950s and 60s, is just as impressive today as it was then, with its characteristic minimalism, equilibrium and artistic appearance.

The “Y-Chair”, or CH24 chair, forms the perfect complement to the bulthaup c3 table. Its back rest rises up in a slender Y-shape from the seat surface, opening out organically into the arm rests on either side.

Representing another highlight of form design is Hans J. Wegner’s bar stool, which has now been re-issued exclusively for bulthaup and is available only from bulthaup retail partners. The bar stool’s seat height is coordinated with the bar solutions from bulthaup b3.

Visit Bulthaup website for more details about their kitchen tables and dining room tables design ideas.

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