Minimalist Bulthaup b2 kitchen workshop design idea


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This minimalist b2 kitchen workshop is designed by German kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup. If you are a fan of modern minimalist interior design, then you certainly will get inspiration from this idea.

With the bulthaup b2 kitchen workshop, we are radically rethinking the concept of the kitchen and cooking. All key functions are concentrated in three elements: Kitchen workbench with work area, hob and water point, complemented by two tool cabinets for appliances, crockery, tools and ingredients. A kitchen for pioneers in the art of thinking and living. – from Bulthaup


For the development of bulthaup b2, bulthaup collaborated with the Vienna-based EOOS design house. With their “Poetical Analysis” method, they approach complex design tasks in their own distinctive way. As well as contemporary perspectives, their work is also influenced by archetypal images, rituals and stories. The result is a vision for the present that will carry through to the future: bulthaup b2 – the systematic new evolutionary branch of the open kitchen.

The essence of that which makes and signifies a kitchen is incorporated in bulthaup b2. In developing this system, therefore, the emphasis was on identifying the amount of storage space actually required in kitchen cabinets and the quantity of cooking implements, crockery and household appliances really needed.

The important was separated from the unimportant to allow the greatest possible concentration on the essentials, create perfect order, afford clarity and maintain everything in reach. This amounts to no less than being free to choose the best day after day.

bulthaup b2 is the kitchen in its most elemental form, and for that very reason it is timeless, enduringly modern and can be changed at will. Each of the three elements is an item of furniture within the living space, and these items can be re-combined, moved and added to again and again. This means bulthaup b2 can appear either very open or very closed.

Technology is ready for operation at all times, but is deliberately concealed behind closed doors. When the cabinets are open, the whole cosmos of the kitchen unfurls at a glance. When the doors are closed and the workbench cleared, the three pieces of furniture transform into pure, stand-alone features.

Visit Bulthaup website for more details about their minimalist kitchen design ideas.

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