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This modern kitchen system b3 is designed by German kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup. Modern kitchens embody urban chic with sleek lines, metallic finishes and appliances.

Every bulthaup b3 kitchen is a one-off; a premium object through and through. This begins with its architectural independence and goes way beyond the limitless possibilities for lending the kitchen a personal style. It is a kitchen for people who want just one thing: The best. – from Bulthaup



The fascinating thing about bulthaup b3 is the diversity of its solutions and the superlative minimalism of its design. The spectrum includes solid and filigree shapes, floating elements and floor-standing blocks. The range of timeless surfaces stretches from aluminum and paint to the finest wood.

The result is a wealth of combination options in which one element always perfectly matches another – a true sign of carefully thought-out design and engineering-inspired construction.


Multi-functional wall

bulthaup b3 brings limitless design freedom to the kitchen. The bulthaup b3 multi-functional wall, for example, liberates it from the planning method dominated by the floor plan and becomes itself the determining factor in the room’s architecture.

The wall comes alive, both in terms of function and design, and can serve as an esthetic link, merging the kitchen and living area into a single entity.

Product variations

Particular esthetic quality is achieved thanks to bulthaup b3′s flexibility in terms of installation. The elements in this system can be installed floor-standing, foot-supported or wall-hanging. The floating character is retained, while the various proportions bring rhythm and cadence to the room.


bulthaup b3′s underpinning ergonomic principle is that everything should be within easy reach. As a result, the system eschews all hard-to-access areas located high up or down low. Instead, the middle functional area, directly above the worktop, becomes the focus.

Functional boxes and elements make the most of this space with previously undreamed-of levels of efficiency and timeless elegance.


One of bulthaup’s key principles is the authenticity of its materials. For bulthaup b3, only authentic materials of the finest quality are used. Their practical use and minimalist design accentuate their superiority.

bulthaup b3 makes no secret of its careful manufacturing, evident in terms of both look and feel, for example, in the details of the edges, fronts and interior fittings.


It is by turning visions into designs that bulthaup has become the industry’s benchmark. With bulthaup b3, this is plain to see both on a wider scale and in the individual elements: The functional box or flush sink, monoblock or solid wooden front in a lightweight design – all these are pioneering ideas in themselves.


The bulthaup b3 monoblock represents a milestone in sculpted kitchen architecture. The purist-looking, seamless stainless steel body with its homogenous appearance embodies the minimalist design of bulthaup b3 with truly spectacular fidelity.

Each monoblock is a purely one-off creation. The dimensions, front materials and base unit elements can be selected at will, while functions such as hobs and water points can be integrated in line with the customer’s needs.

Functional gap and elements

Mind the gap! The 12-millimeter-high, horizontal functional gap between the panels offer unending variations being able to accommodate functional elements such as herb pot holders, knife blocks or spice shelves, putting them all in ideal reach.

A blend of materials involving aluminum and steamed maple wood gives the functional elements a warm appearance and a pleasant touch. Storage containers and herb pots made from white porcelain also make the perfect addition.

Functional boxes

The most important area of a kitchen in terms of ergonomics is directly above the worktop. And bulthaup b3 completely redefines this: With functional boxes that become an integrated part of the worktop. They can store supplies, knives, cutting boards and a wealth of other useful objects where they are easiest to access.

The functional boxes conceal their contents behind easy-care glass fronts that can be opened using handles or the Touch system.

Solid wooden front

Exclusive, high-tech construction makes the first solid wooden front in a lightweight design a further bulthaup b3 highlight. Not only do the front’s edges reveal the minimal thickness of the material, but also the layer principle behind it.

Solid wood and two fine aluminum strips interchange, delivering outstanding stability and a stunning appearance.

Front in aluminum gray

The surface material of gray aluminum exhibits an unusual look. It has been developed especially for bulthaup with an eloxate made from organic pigments.

With its agreeably dark shading that changes with the light, it lends the setting a warm, radiant look that radiates confidence and character.

Seamless stainless steel

Surfaces made from stainless steels are especially popular with enthusiastic chefs. They are exceptionally hygienic, easy to clean and offer virtually unlimited service. With bulthaup b3, stainless steel becomes a lightweight material.

The front comprises a light carrier plate, which is surrounded by two stainless steel half-shells. They are laser-welded together so perfectly at the edges that, after polishing, the front looks like it has been cast from a single mold.

Fire and water

Living and working with original elements forms the springboard for every bulthaup kitchen design. To match its multi-award-winning water point, bulthaup has therefore developed its own gas hob. The linear arrangement of the burners is ideal from an ergonomic perspective and also accentuates the sculpted character of this professional hob.

With the help of a laser-welding method that has been developed especially for bulthaup, the fire and water points are integrated seamlessly and flush into the worktop, thereby creating a flowing functional unit.

Visit Bulthaup website for more details about their modern minimalist b3 kitchen design idea.

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