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Today we decided to show the stunning outdoor design ideaGoing Green from Eckersley Garden Architecture. It’s an Australian owned company specializing in garden design. Get inspired to tackle your garden or outdoor area with this amazing outdoor design idea.

Going Green Swimming Pool

Climate change is having a real impact on the way people are approaching garden making in Australia. Our traditional approach of copying northern European gardens is failing as our country faces protracted drought, flood and fire. There needs to be a change in attitude toward gardens if they are to be successful in the future.

This garden, a personal project of Eckersley Garden Architecture, is an experimental attempt to create a fully sustainable garden. The primary motivation behind this garden is to change public attitude to sustainable, drought tolerant, native gardens. There is a long standing prejudice against the use of native plants – probably born of the 1970’s when many bad native garden were put in place. But horticulture has moved on since and there are many exciting, colourful, drought tolerant plants in the market place and they can be used in place of traditional exotic plants.

The swimming pool also follows sustainable design principles. It is a ‘Natural Pool’ laid out in a traditional rectangular design and built with traditional materials. What it does not have is any of the chemicals in the water that are traditionally used to keep water clean and healthy. Rather, it relies on a natural filtration system which runs the water through the roots of native water plants growing alongside the swimming area. The pool provides habitat wildlife and is like jumping into a crystal clear freshwater billabong.

On completion, this garden is proposed as a teaching tool to encourage lateral thinking about gardening in the driest inhabited continent on the Earth. – from Eckersley Garden Architecture

Visit Eckersley Garden Architecture website for more details about their outdoor design ideas.

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