Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas from Eckersley Garden Architecture


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Today we decide to show you some outdoor furniture design ideas by Eckersley Garden Architecture which is an Australian owned company specializing in garden design.

The design of outdoor furniture has evolved in the last few years from being simple, functional pieces, to being the show pieces of the garden. No longer is choice restricted to civic-style picnic settings in either a painted or natural finish. Traditional sturdy timber benches and tables are making way for sculptural forms, woven polymer fabrics and delicate stainless steel frames.

Furniture is important to the mood of an outdoor space. A large quadrangle space can be softened by a visually lightweight circular table. Courtyards dressed in tones of muted grays and browns can be sharpened up with contemporary furniture pieces of stainless steel, polished stone and mesh.

The right choice of furniture gives strength and place to the design of that outdoor space. It can surprise or sooth but most importantly it should make the visitor feel as though they belong in that space.

It is a revelation to sit in a beautiful garden and be enveloped by a piece of beautiful garden furniture. – from Eckersley Garden Architecture













Visit Eckersley Garden Architecture website for more details about their outdoor furniture design ideas.

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  1. alex says:

    nice information
    thanks for share about this

  2. Harley Marshall says:

    i love garden furnitures that are made out of hardwoord. they usually last longer..~;

  3. Julian Cooper says:

    we always put garden furnitures made of hardwood in our backyard garden.~-;

  4. Body Detox ` says:

    garden furnitures are really needed for that improved ambiance

  5. Oxygen Monitor : says:

    what we have on garden furnitures are bamboo chairs and rattan based tables

  6. Electric Blankets %0B says:

    oak wood seems to be the best thing to use on garden furnitures but hardwood is always the best .*:

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