Small Outdoor Design by Eckersley Garden Architecture – Working the angles


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This small outdoor space on a small allotment is designed by Eckersley Garden Architecture. Architects McBride Charles Ryan designed this modern outdoor space to make the most of every square inch. Outdoor space and landscape was carefully considered as a swimming pool, garden and sitting area were all part of the design.


Architects McBride Charles Ryan have designed a cutting edge residence placed on a small allotment. Outdoor space and landscape was carefully considered as every square metre had to offer an amenity value to the clients. It was important to provide a design that did not compete with the striking architecture but still gave the sense of being in the garden space.

Street frontage planting sets a casual but vibrant tone to the property. Flowering grasses soften and spill over level changes, curtains of deep green creeper cascade over stone clad walls and the brilliant lilac of Jacaranda bloom splashes a hit of colour against the somber tone of the building.

Boundary walls and fences were draped with climbing plants to provide green backdrops to the texture pavements. Further layering was done by using espaliered plantings in front of the walls. The positioning and selection of trees was critical to allow ease of movement around the property and to avoid congestion at canopy height.

Interest at ground level was achieved in collaboration with the architects. Grey reconstituted stone pavers are flanked by vibrant, insitu pebble paving in high use areas. Large loose pebbles reflect foliage colours in lower traffic areas. The result is a harmonious but sometimes surprising outdoor space.

Visit Eckersley Garden Architecture website for more details about their small outdoor space design idea.

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