Amazing Private Villa Casa Barone by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff

This amazing private villa – Casa Barone is designed by swedish Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff. The Casa Barone, a glass encased country house perched on a rocky slope overlooking a waterway, is stunning with all the black, white and minimal space. Architects: Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Location: Ingarö-Evlinge east of Stockholm, Sweden Type of building: Private villa […]

Holiday House – Pekapeka House by Parsonson Architects

Located in Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand, the holiday house – Pekapeka House is designed by Parsonson Architects. The Pekapeka House was an exploration in how to create a building of both a strong architectural character and economy. Parsonson Architects have used simple modular construction techniques combined with a very simple form. The plan is a […]

Humlegården apartment with multicolor and pattern interior design

Located in Engelbrektsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden, the amazing Humlegården apartment is developed by Swedish artists and architects like Carl Larsson and Josef Frank, this apartment’s interior design with multicolor and pattern is inspired by changes season, each room has a different color and pattern from winter grey and black to summertime bright and deep green, to […]

Building Around the Rock in Margaretville, New York City

The House Around the Rock is designed and built by John Carson, a New York City builder and real estate developer. The two-level glass-and-copper house in Margaretville, N.Y. is airy, open, and indeed a collaboration with nature. Between the master bath and a hallway, Mr. Carson and Ms. Slowik created a three-foot-square courtyard open to […]

Gartner Residence by Bruce Bolander Architect

Gartner Residence Designed by Bruce Bolander Architect Get some inspiration from this residence design for your own house.

Small residential interior design idea from Poliform

This inspirational small residential interior design project is created by Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform. Called “My Life in 80m²“, the small residential interior design project shows that the quality of a living space does not depend on dimensions.

Haus Elise by Austrian Architects Synn

The Haus Elise in Vienna is designed by Austrian architects Synn Architekten with all the living areas oriented towards the garden. The client wish to give the young son a private, independent area. The Haus Elise is as a low energy house and is heated by a heat pump with three thermal ground probes.

H-HOUSE Trosa private villa design by WRB

Trosa private villa design by WRB Located in Trosa, south of Stockholm, the H-HOUSE private villa is designed by Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff architect studio. Size of building: 240 sqm (180 indoors) + 20 sqm refugio. 1/3 of the villa area consists of outdoor areas under roof.

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